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Curatorial Note:

Temples and the homes of India’s elite class were adorned with glass paintings in the previous century. Golden-leafed deities, statues of noble people, and even the occasional depiction of courtesans were among the popular images to be found. Originally from Europe, this art form settled in India via China. From the middle of the 19th century, Indian artists diversified it with popular subjects.

Inverted patterns drawn on the reverse side of the glass is its distinctive feature. Conversely, the part that is usually painted last when painting on paper or cloth is painted first in this type. E.g. Jewelry, embroidery on clothes. The last few years have witnessed an increase in the prevalence of this style of paintings in barbershops, typically depicting colorful landscapes. Glass paintings were also commonly used to embellish the doors of wooden cupboards in the house.

In an effort to introduce this unique kind of art to the present generation, we are exhibiting selected glass paintings from collection of Zapurza.

Vikram Marathe – Curator

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