Students, Academicians, and Professionals can Benefit at Zapurza

If you are a researcher, student, or an enthusiast in any of the concerned fields or subjects, do write to us for our Inter/Volunteer programme.



As a museum, we offer a wide range of employment opportunities for individuals who are passionate about art, history, and culture. The work at museum ranges from curation, conservation, and collection management to public relation, gallery assistance and visitor’s service. Write to us.



Interning at our museum is an excellent way to get involved in the arts community, learn new skills, and make a meaningful contribution to our organization. Students and young professionals can work as guides, or take up roles to assist in several technical and administrative functions.


Conducting Workshops

Zapurza is an open playground for all those who are interested in conducting different kinds of workshops. Workshops ranging from Origami, Kirigami to Gond Art. Come facilitate a Dance movement Therapy session or a music session in the serene environment. You are welcome to share your knowledge with a large visiting audience.


Conducting Courses

Teachers and trainers can partner with Zapurza for conducting courses. Our culturally rich collection, studios, and theatre provides a fresh and creative environment.