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Mahatma Gandhi, a prominent figure in India’s struggle for independence, led a life of nonviolent resistance and profound principles. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we’ve showcased a collection highlighting key aspects of his life and legacy. This gallery presents Gandhi’s journey, featuring significant events such as the Salt Satyagraha, which was commemorated by the Indian Post Office with First Day covers. Crucial movements like Non-violence are also depicted in the gallery, illustrating how Gandhi’s philosophy of peaceful resistance made a lasting impact.

The exhibition explores the connection between Gandhi and art, demonstrating how he recognized art’s potential to drive social reforms. Gandhi’s image graced not only currency notes but also stamps, both nationally and internationally, reflecting his global influence. The gallery sheds light on Gandhi’s international presence and the role he played on the global stage. It showcases his fasts and the individuals who stood by him through a wide array of original photographs. The quote, “My life is my message,” truly comes to life in this exhibition, encapsulating Gandhi’s remarkable legacy and the enduring relevance of his ideals.

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