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Curatorial Note:

When I was in school I was taken to Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay by my father’s friend Khatavkar Sir as he felt I was good at painting. I distinctly remember a painting in bold brush strokes and solid lines displayed in the library of a paddy sowing lady. Later when I joined the art school I found out that it was A A Almelkar’s painting and used to observe it every day throughout my art school days.

His artworks are unaffected by the trends, success or failure and he believed in his way of painting throughout. His works are great examples of how the great Bombay Revivalists Movement evolved into a modernist movement. His decorative style was integral, even while sketching live during his travels to the tribal areas of the country one can easily find his vision to blend the British academic style and the Indian way of drawing.

We are extremely happy to share our collection of his works in the form of this exhibition and hope to get closer to understanding his vision and way of painting.

Raju Sutar

(Artist/ Curator)

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