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Let’s Share and Celebrate the Best Art

My journey as an art collector began as personal passion. We displayed my collection, and created art galleries, in our jewellery stores. Soon several artists began exhibiting work. Audiences too welcomed our initiative. My growing collection needed a home. And Zapurza was born.

Founder’s Vision - a Community Hub for Art.

Growing up in a family of jewellers I was lucky to be amongst designers, artisans and craftsmen. I noticed that our design and artisinal culture were vanishing at a rapid pace due to the pressures of modern day living. Like, people would sell a priceless heirloom or a piece of jewellery to provide for some current need or simply because they were bored of it.

That’s when I started collecting. I began looking for pieces of art and craftsmanship with a purpose to preserve them. Over the years, I have collected jewellery, textiles, everyday objects, traditional and contemporary paintings and so on. Zapurza is an opportunity for me to share the collection with the society, to encourage everyone to appreciate all art forms, to celebrate great craftsmanship, and to respect our rich cultural legacy.

I sincerely hope Zapurza plays at least a small part in making our next generation sensitive to arts and aesthetics.

Ajit Gadgil